Monthly Archives: April 2016

A Worthy Walk

DO YOU know what is meant by the words: “live in a way that is worthy”? Many of us try to grasp the concept, but how many of us actually live it? Those serving in First Nations ministry have a good knowledge of the Word. The greater challenge is in living out the principles of […]

Potlatch and Planted Seeds: A Historical Perspective on Intercessory Prayer for Native America

POTLATCH Historical References / Anniversaries April 19, 1884 – Amendment to the Canadian “Indian Act” that outlawed the Potlatch. (There was also a ban in the US) The following links describe the Canadian Indian Act. Although I could not find a specific ruling by the US regarding the banning of Potlatch, several of these and […]

Pursue Unity

HAVE YOU ever reflected on your relationships with Believers, and wondered why your common faith in Christ appears to bring more division than unity? The desire for ‘unity’ is a common and ancient burden among our Native peoples. As Believers, we confirm and testify that ‘unity’ is important to our Creator and Christ. However, those […]

Wrongful Suffering

DO YOU remember the last time you experienced sorrow, rejection or frustration while following Christ? Those serving in First Nations ministry often suffer wrongfully, at the hands of relatives, friends and strangers outside of Christ, as well as other Believers, leaving them hurt, misunderstood and broken at our Father’s feet. TODAY, I INVITE YOU to […]

The Christian Indian

HAVE YOU ever struggled in keeping your personality and individuality, as well as staying focused on your specific ‘calling’ in Christ? As Believers, we are admonished to remain with Christ in the same type of ‘calling’ as when we were first saved, as well as to remain in the same social, cultural or economic position. […]