Peace: A Historical Perspective on Intercessory Prayer for Native America

First Nations Monday


Historical References and Anniversaries

Killing at Peace Talks – January 26, 1716
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In consulting Phil Konstantin’s book, This Day In North American Indian History, I read that January 26, 1716, a group of Cherokee, Creek and Yamassee representatives met at a Cherokee village in Georgia for peace talks. It was noted that the Cherokee desired peace and believed that the Creek and Yamassee also wanted peace. Konstantin wrote that the Cherokee Chief Caesar offered to arrange these peace talks, telling the colonists that the Cherokee and Creek tribes would be peaceful and cooperative. On this day, according to Konstantin’s report, the Creek and Yamassee actually came to the meetings in pursuit of war and so the Cherokee killed the Creek and Yamassee representatives.

Law for Peace – January 17, 1800
( )

January 17, 1800 – Act for the Preservation of Peace with the Indian…

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