Dance: A Historical Perspective on Intercessory Prayer for Native America

February historical prayer focus, part 2.

First Nations Monday


Historical References and Anniversaries

Indian Dancing
Department of the Interior Office of Indian Affairs
Segments from the Circular No. 1665 and Supplement to Circular No. 1665
April 26, 1921 and February 14, 1923
CHAS. H. BURKE, Commissioner

A link for the segments of both letters.

A link for the February 14, 1923 letter.

A link for the February 14, 1923 letter within a case study by
by James M. Craven (Blackfoot Name: Omahkohkiaayo i’poyi)

Although the letters begin with the idea that some American Indian dances are permissible, by the end of the letters, the description of denounced dances is so generalized, that it gave the Government and the Church the authority to denounce, through punitive measures and corrective penalties, any form of dance, if they should choose. History illustrates that for approximately 50 years, the dance was outlawed.

It’s hard to say if there are…

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