Holidays and Healed Hearts: A Historical Perspective on Intercessory Prayer for Native America

February historical prayer focus, part 3.

First Nations Monday


Historical References and Anniversaries

February 12 – President Lincoln’s Birthday
February 20 – President’s Day
February 22 – Washington’s Birthday

This month, the majority of this Nation will be acknowledging the deeds of two former presidents, through the observance of President’s Day. This month as we ‘observe’ these holidays, I want to encourage you to take a peek at the “other side”. Not only were these men notable leaders and men of great faith, but they were known as Indian Fighters, too. Following are some websites with quotes and statistics. These may not be the most neutral websites or the most informative. However, combined they provide glimpses of both sides. It is not my purpose to speak ill or be unpatriotic. I’m merely bringing attention to the ‘other side’ – the side that our American Indian people have understood since the beginning. We have to be sensitive about celebrating…

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