In Memory of Jerry Baller


This year, in lieu of recommending that my friends and family donate to a charity for my birthday (Nov. 24), I would like to suggest that financial gifts be given on behalf of my dear friend, Teresa Baller, who lost her beloved husband, Jerry, just over a month ago.

Jerry & Teresa Baller

I met Jerry & Teresa through our good friend Don Frey while I worked at Frey’s Meats during hunting season. In addition, I’d help Don and Jerry with haying in the summers. Over time, I got to know Teresa better and eventually had the honor and pleasure of serving along side her with the local CISM team. Teresa is a beautiful, tenderhearted woman, who I deeply respect and admire. She is deeply appreciated by our community because of her many years with the Badrock Volunteer Fire Department & QRU of Columbia Falls, MT.

Helping Teresa Baller

Many people have been inquiring about how to help Teresa and her family through this very difficult time. Their immediate needs are for finances to help with winter living expenses, such as snow removal equipment and the seasonal increase in utility bills, etc. As many of you know, Jerry was a hard-working, mechanically savvy person who handled all the hard work and machinery. Now that he is gone, Teresa is in need of equipment she and her kids can operate and maintain, as well as some help towards immediate living expenses.

In Memory of Jerry Baller

This Saturday, November 24th, the Ballers are joining their Oregon family and friends to celebrate Jerry’s life. Since this gathering will be on my birthday, it seems like a fitting choice to help Teresa while honoring Jerry’s life.

For those of you who would like to make a donation for Teresa Baller, in memory of her husband and our dear friend, Jerry Baller, you may make tax deductible donations to All Nations Fellowship. You may send a check or donate through PayPal.

All Nations Fellowship
PO BOX 2870
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Thank You

Rev. Jeny Running Brook and David Covill
All Nations Fellowship
First Nations Monday

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