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PROPHECY Historical References and Anniversaries Jesuits Foretell of a Lunar Eclipse – January 31, 1646 (http://americanindian.net/January.html ) Father Pierre Millet Foretells of a Lunar Eclipse – January 21, 1674 (http://americanindian.net/January.html ) According to Phil Konstantin’s book, This Day In North American Indian History, both instances tell of American Indians…

Originally posted on First Nations Monday:
PEACE Historical References and Anniversaries Killing at Peace Talks – January 26, 1716 (http://americanindian.net/January.html ) In consulting Phil Konstantin’s book, This Day In North American Indian History, I read that January 26, 1716, a group of Cherokee, Creek and Yamassee representatives met at a Cherokee village in Georgia for…

Originally posted on First Nations Monday:
DO YOU remember the last time you fell on your knees to pray for your mentor, your pastor, your employer or some other authority figure in your life? 1 Timothy 2:2-3 says “Pray for kings and others in power, so that we may live quiet and peaceful lives as…

DO YOU rely on other people to give you confidence in your faith? John 5:44 says, “You like to have your friends praise you, and you don’t care about praise that only God can give.” The edifying words of a friend or mentor are of great value in our journey. However, in these last days, […]

HAVE YOU ever considered how easy it should be to speak about what we know and what we have seen? Often times it is the simple responsibilities of being a follower and witness of Christ that become the most complicated or abandoned when we lack faith. Gideon said in Judges 6:17, “It’s hard to believe […]

HAVE YOU ever been discouraged in doing good for your family, your friends and the Body of Christ? Often the prophets of old became troubled in their walk as they faced the opposition and complacency of others. Never-the-less, our Creator appointed them to fight for their people. Nehemiah 4:14 says, “Then I looked things over […]

HOW OFTEN do you ponder the ways of our Creator, His laws and the things that He has done for you? Psalm 119:103 & 111 say “Your teachings are sweeter than honey. They will always be my most prized possession and my source of joy.” TODAY, I INVITE YOU to pray with me that our […]

FREEDOM IN PRAYER Jeny’s Personal Reflections on Freedom in Prayer Jennifer Joy, founder of His Glory Reigns Ministries and the North America Indigenous Peoples Prayer Shield, and I were dialoging (2012) about the prayer letters I have submitted over the last several months and she suggested that I write a little note for the group […]

THE REMNANT Historical Events / Anniversaries: July 14, 1896: Jerry Potts died: Mixed Blood Interpreter http://plainshumanities.unl.edu/encyclopedia/doc/egp.ii.046 July 14, 1896: Chief Ben Christmas born: Mixed Blood Interpreter http://www.danielnpaul.com/Col/1996/ChiefBenChristmas-Mi%27kmaqHero.html Scripture References: Remnant: Genesis 45:7, Ezra 9:1-15, Acts 14:1, Acts 18:4, Acts 19:17, Acts 20:21, Romans 3:9 Jews & Gentiles: Isaiah 57:19, Acts 10:45, Acts 26:23, 1 Corinthians […]

(NOTE: The below message is written by Robert Soto. You will find his contact information at the end. PLEASE read and celebrate with us!) June 14, 2016 A DAY TO REMEMBER II Samuel 22:17-18 “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of the deep waters. He rescued […]