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Compassionate Ministry

Please pray for American Indian people and those serving in Native Ministry across Turtle Island.   Compassionate Ministry Video Prayer Point

Renewed with Trust

HAVE YOU ever longed to return to a special place or to be re-united with old friends? The Lord says in Zephaniah 3:20, “I will lead you home, and with your own eyes you will see me bless you with all you once owned.” There is a longing among our Native people to see our […]

Compassionate Ministry

DID YOU know that it is impossible to be a ‘perfect’ Christian? Still, we must pursue that goal into eternity, risking heartache along the way. Those serving in First Nations ministry can experience hurt and frustration to the point of endangering their walk with Christ. TODAY, I INVITE YOU to pray with me that our […]

A Tender Heart

HOW OFTEN are you overwhelmed with compassion for someone else? Mark 6:34 says, “When Jesus got out of the boat, he saw the large crowd that was like sheep without a shepherd. He felt sorry for the people and started teaching them many things.” Those involved in First Nations ministry need to have the Creator’s […]