Helping Rev. Rikki & John Perkins Following Devastating House Fire

My dear friend, mentor, ministry partner and co-pastor of All Nation’s Fellowship, Rikki and her husband John, lost their home yesterday (August 18, 2018) in a fire. The fire took their home, all the belongings in their home, their two cats, Rikki’s father’s workshop, all of his tools, some farm equipment, as well as the hay that had been harvested over the summer.

You may also know Rikki through her role as the chaplain for the Montana State Chapter of the Missing In America Project (MIAP), as well as her work through First Nations Monday.

Among the many irreplaceable, sentimental items and heirlooms lost, Rikki also lost her regalia, professional dresses and meaningful accessories and tools used in her role as a MIAP chaplain and minister, as well as her collection of music CDs, books, DVDs, and gifts representing her many years serving in American Indian ministry.

Rikki and John’s daughter, Charli, set-up the following GoFundMe account in order to help raise financial and prayer support in meeting their immediate needs.  Charli (August 19, 2018) writes:

On August 18th 2018 my parents Rikki and John Perkins lost their house and all their belongings in a house fire. Thankfully they are ok but the only belongings they have now are the clothes they were wearing. There are many items that will never be able to be replaced but I would like to raise money for them so it will make it less stressful to start rebuilding their lives. Anything will help and we are also taking donations for clothes and other essential items. Thank you all for your help!

To help, click HERE

Additionally, Rikki’s sister, Connie, set-up the following GoFundMe account to raise money and hay donations to help their parents in the loss of the workshop, the tools, the hay, as well as Rikki and John’s house. Connie (August 19, 2017) writes:

We have no idea what started the fire that left my sister and brother in law homeless and with basically the clothes on their backs. My dad list all if his tools and equipment as well as 1000+ bales of hay. No amount of money can replace many if the things they lost, How do you replace memories or a babies first lock of hair? We are thankful for all the people and those animals that were saved and morn those cats who weren’t . Anything helps. If you have a few extra bales of hay you can spare, let me know and I can pick them up.

To help, click HERE

For those of you who would rather make a donation through All Nations Fellowship, we have a PayPal account.  Please click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

Rev. Jeny Running Brook and David Covill
On behalf of Rev. Rikki and John Perkins
All Nations Fellowship
First Nations Monday
MT State Chapter Chaplain of MIAP

PO BOX 2870
Columbia Falls, MT 59912


On Faceboook:
All Nations Fellowship
First Nations Monday
Chaplain’s Notebook – MT State Chapter, MIAP


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