Josh and Stephanie’s Honeymoon Adventure: To See Our World & Will Travel for Birds


Our son, Joshua, and our daughter-in-love, Stephanie were married September 29th. Shortly thereafter they hopped on a plane to Costa Rica to start their 4-5 month honeymoon adventure.

They are traveling through Costa Rica, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina with several goals in mind. First, is to celebrate the beginning of the rest of their lives together. Second, is “to see our world” while encouraging young people to do the same. Third, is birding! Josh is an avid birder, having started when he was very young.

In 2008, the local newspaper (DIL) did a story on Josh and some of his birding companions, called Bird-Spotting.  In more recent years, Josh began serving on the Wings in Nature board as the Secretary, with duties including Chief Naturalist, Conservation, Photo-videographer-editor.

Both Josh and Stephanie love the outdoors, as well as encouraging others to explore. They share their enthusiasm through their photography and videography, which can be found on Facebook and Instagram at To See Our World and Joshua Wade Covill Photography. An example of one of their videos is of a trip last summer to see the eclipse in Idaho and then driving to Washington to go sea kayaking in British Columbia.  To watch, CLICK HERE .

You can follow Josh’s blog detailing birding adventures at Will Travel for Birds.

You can follow Josh and Stephanie, individually, and through their joint adventuring social media site, To See Our World, on Instagram at the following:

Be sure to watch for posts to their stories on each of these accounts!  They are posting to their stories regularly and will post more permanent photos and videos throughout the trip and after their return. Check their sites often.

We would also appreciate your prayers for our young adventurers as they continue to travel and inspire others.

Rev. Jeny Running Brook Covill
All Nations Fellowship
First Nations Monday



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