Following are a few endorsements and testimonies to the what is being accomplished, through the First Nations Monday prayer mobilization, for Creator’s great purpose.

“If you are called to pray for Natives and Native Ministry, this First Nations ‘Prayer Guide’ is a must for you. I personally have benefited from using this prayer resource and I believe you will too. Jeny is to be commended for her work in putting this outstanding resource together for the body of Christ.”
Kyle Taylor (Pawnee/ Choctaw), Pastor & Co-Founder, White Eagle Ministry, Glenpool, OK

“To Whom It May Concern, Jeny has a great part to play in the work that the Holy Spirit is doing in these days among 1st Nations Ministries and People. I, Mel Bond, Pastor of Agape Church, in Wentzville, MO., highly endorse Jeny’s ministry of keeping Indian people informed and inspired in what God is doing among 1st Nations People in our world today. I would like to encourage you to help her as you can so we can all be blessed by meetings and movings of the Holy Spirit among 1st Nations People in places that we all may not be able to be there in person. The same anointing is and can continue to be placed in our lives from her excellent reporting work. That the Father Be Glorified”
Mel Bond (Lakota, Cherokee, Other), Pastor, Agape Word Center, Wentzville, Missouri

“First Nations Monday and its emphasis on bringing people into focused prayer is another good example of the Spirit’s call to partnership in these days of the church. Jeny has capitalized on a need of profound importance for any ministry – prayer – and given it a larger focus – creating networks and partnerships. Thanks, Jeny, for bringing First Nations people and needs before many people who might not know about us, our ministries or our needs. But, most of all, thanks for bringing us collectively before the Great One, our Father, through His son Jesus!!”
Rev. Terry LeBlanc (Mi’Kmaq/ Acadian), My People International

” In December 23, 1974, the Lord directed me, Robert Soto, from the Lipan Apache Band of Texas, into what is now known as contextualize ministry, that is – using my God given Culture and Dances to reach others for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It was a long and lonely road, as most Christian ministries and leaders I knew and met, condemned what the Lord has so clearly directed me to do through my Native American culture, songs and dances. First Nations Monday has been a God send in my life. Even though I spent almost 25 years of walking this road alone, First Nations Monday has opened a vast avenue of Native people and Native ministries who are now doing what the Lord clearly called me to do so many years ago. I am sincerely grateful to my Lord and Savior for directing Jeny to invest her time, money, gifts and efforts in formulating First Nations Monday. I am no longer alone. Thank you, Jeny.”
Robert Soto (Lipan Apache), Pastor of McAllen Grace Brethren Church, Pastor of the Native American New Life Center, Director of the South Texas Indian Dancers Association, First Vice Chairman of the Lipan Apache Band of Texas.

“Jeny is a servant to servants in First Nations ministry! The prayer guides and email networks she administrates have proven to be invaluable tools to further the cause of Jesus Christ throughout North America. I am honored to call Jeny and her husband, David, my friends, and I am an enthusiastic supporter of their ministry endeavors. I heartily recommend their ministry to you and encourage your prayerful support. They are making a difference among our people!”
Dr. Richard Twiss (June 11, 1954 – February 9, 2013), President, Wiconi International

“We are indebted to Jeny and the ministries of First Nations Monday. Jeny’s tirelessness faithfulness and high level of professionalism to daily network numerous First Nations prayers and needs across the internet, can only be termed as a labor of love to our Lord, Jesus. The ministries of First Nations Monday is indispensable in helping network the great birth and callings which the Lord has for Native American ministries today.”
Jose Alvarez , Apostolic Ministries to the First Nations

“We could not be more pleased with your ongoing prayer request ministry to the leaders of Native Ministry. You have been appointed for a time such as this. While prayer is the absolute importance of the First Nations Monday ministry, let me say that many are building very important relationships with one another. Your ministry is bringing us all together, truly a ‘Creator Thing’. Some of the brothers and sisters ministering to First Nations people may not ‘make it’ through the week. Most of the ministry among Native peoples is living and working in the toughest of situations, which takes a toll on the ministers themselves. Due to the hatred, bigotry and even jealously of many of this country’s largest ethnic groups, very few are willing to support the ‘workers of the harvest’. And so, it seems to us, that there is little to go around in the way of finances. Many have put everything they have in the pot to do the work of the ministry. If we do not have people praying for us, we will be overrun by the enemy of our souls and the enemy of all First Nations peoples everywhere. Our little crew meets around the table each day at 8am and prays for the ministries listed on the First Nations Monday prayer requests that you have provided. We are able to hold up 5 – 8 ministries a day. We also pray with the daily reports each day before going to work. Many times the Spirit brings people back into our memory during the day and we find ourselves praying throughout the day as well. We can tell you that we have been the receivers of much spiritual relief since we became involved in First Nations Monday’s prayer ministry. Creator brought your ministry into our struggles fighting the good fight, on our own, at a time when we were not sure that we were going to ‘make it’ through the week. The benefit of so many praying for us has revived us and given us new courage and strength to fight on, and not only that, to fight on in victory! Our entire family has been so blessed it would take the writing of a book to tell of their personal testimonies.”
Rev. Mark & Deborah Fielding , Valley of Praise and Open Door Mission

“The First Nations Monday prayer network is something that has been needed for a long time. It has been a quick source of prayer support for our ministry. I support this well needed ministry.”
Pastor Daniel LaPlante

“An awesome move of the Holy Spirit is upon our people. Creator is raising us up, the First Nations of this land, to be His voice to a hungry world. A world that almost seemingly has stopped listening to the voice of the mainstream church. Our Creator God is raising up His people of this land for a holy purpose. He has given each of us a culture that we can take pride in, worship Him within and also a culture that draws people to want to know more. It is an awesome avenue of ministry to our people first and then from our people to the world. And an awesome responsibility as well. We need each other! We need each other to hold all of us accountable to what God is wanting to accomplish in and through our people. We need each other to lean upon, fellowship with and draw strength from. We need each other for prayer support, warfare and praise. Native Ministry is a cooperative effort of all the First Nations Believers building together, in unity as Creator intended. We are a part of the Body of Christ and with our brothers of other Nations, we can stand to be what God purposes us to be, conformed in the image of his Son. First Nations Monday and Jeny have worked toward that goal. To unite us all in corporate prayer and support of each other. It is a simple effort, a simple vision that was birthed by our Creator, but it is the simple things that must remain intact. We are ALL each other’s responsibility! Let us hold each other up to our Creator daily … without fail.”
Richard Pyle – Quihadi

” We are so grateful to First Nations Monday for the excellent job the ministry is doing in bringing the needs, visions, praise reports and information about the ministries into one forum. Jeny is a woman with a heart for the First Nations people. She has put her prayers and heart for us into action by bringing us together and presenting us as a whole to others for the purposes of prayer support. This ministry is inspired of the Lord and very much needed. When we are in need of prayer, whether we are traveling to a ministry meeting, have health problems that arise or want covering for our children and grandchildren, one of the first things we think to do is to get those needs communicated to Jeny as quickly as possible. We then know that the saints all over the world are holding us up in prayer. When one is on the front lines, as we are, this is not only important, but crucial. Having the availability of this ministry has been a place of comfort to us and we are so very grateful to Jeny and First Nations Monday.”
Dr. Suuqiina and Rev. Qaumaniq Suuqiina, Indigenous Messengers International

“The united prayer effort that has been developed over the past several months has been such a needed blessing to ministries such as ours. Not only do we receive needed prayer, but our hearts reach out to our Native American brothers and sisters who are going through the same difficult trials that we have in the past. It lets us all know that we are not alone and God has a big plan for us all. Thank you, Jeny, for taking on this crucial ministry.”
Randy & Edith Woodley, Eagle’s Wings Ministry

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