Perpetual Prayer Guide for First Nations and Those Serving in Native Ministy

The following is an outline for our perpetual prayer guide starting with the first Monday in January.  This prayer guide was originally developed for a paper booklet that was printed three times and distributed throughout North America.  In addition, the prayer points were made into radio PSAs as well as regular email and social media posts.

“Never stop praying, especially for others. Always pray by the power of the Spirit. Stay alert and keep praying for God’s people.” Ephesians 6:18

WK 1-10: Prayer for Protection and Preaching

1: Opposition To Gospel
2: Acceptable Preaching
3: Be Refreshed
4: Pray For Others
5: How To Pray
6: Preach with Wisdom
7: He Goes Before Us
8: Enthusiasm to Preach
9: Safety on the Road
10: Compassionate Ministry

WK 11-19: Prayer for Unity and His Calling

11: Be Confident
12: Free to Walk in Christ
13: The Christian Indian
14: Wrongful Suffering
15: Pursue Unity
16: A Worthy Walk
17: Persevere in Maturity
18: Unique and United
19: Remove Discord

WK 20-28: Prayer for Remembrance and Testimony

20: Respectful Remembrance
21: Renewed with Trust
22: Remember Him Daily
23: True Testimonies
24: Overcome The Accuser
25: Fight Fight Fight
26: Keep It Simple
27: More Than Man’s Praise
28: Walk Together

WK 29-38: Prayer for Release and Restoration

29: Share The Burden
30: Give Thanks
31: Encourage Others
32: Use Your Gifts
33: Edify One Another
34: In One Accord
35: Devoted To One Another
36: Ask Him To Listen
37: Financial Provision
38: Relief From Distress

WK 39-47: Prayer for Encouragement

39: Courage To Hear
40: Faith To See
41: Never Alone
42: Overcome Fear
43: Confidence in God
44: It’s His Battle
45: Never Forgotten
46: Tribulations of Brethren
47: Do Not Provoke

WK 48-51: Prayer for Light

48: Know Jesus
49: Light of Revelation
50: Sight To The Blind
51: Testify To Christ

WK 52-53: Prayer for Compassion

52: A Tender Heart
53: Minister Comfort

“We all need to keep the line of communication open between us and our Creator. And since there is only one Creator of all things living, and He gave the same law to all races of man, I think as long as all races do this and live by the Creator (God) then they (we) are living right.”

Chief Walking Bear
The Amonsoquath Tribe of Cherokee

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