Historical Perspectives Prayer Outline

I want to take this opportunity to thank His Glory Reigns Ministries for inviting me to participate with the North America Indigenous Peoples Prayer Shield in the corporate prayer for our First Nations / American Indian / Indigenous peoples in 2012.  As I was seeking direction in how to approach prayer strategies, Yahweh prompted me to include study of Church History, American History, and American Indian History. This study will be part of the foundation of the monthly prayer points and will be included, via a link, for your information.

In preparing for January’s prayer focus, I discovered that every day (1st–31st) is an anniversary of American Indian bloodshed between the years 1700 and 1900. That is, every day in January is an anniversary of American Indian people dying in war or in peace, at the hands of Non-American Indian people or American Indian people lead by Non-American Indian people.

Also, I discovered that every day (1st-31st) is an anniversary of government authorities and agencies modifying boundaries, proposals, memorandums, laws, amendments, proclamations, constitutions, by-laws and elections to approve amendments relating to American Indian peoples between the years 1900 – 2000. Some reservations were expanded, some were reduced, some tribes gained recognition and some tribes lost recognition, etc.

So, every day in January relates to prayer regarding bloodshed and moving boundaries. I will assume that in reviewing historical timelines, this may be true for all 365 days a year. I also know that in the last 20 years there has been a great awakening in the Body of Christ to pray about these two issues. I continue to welcome and encourage prayers in this direction. That being said, I believe that Yahweh will have us specifically focused on additional issues in 2012.

JanuaryPrayer for Peace, Prophecy & Restoration of Culture and Calling
FebruaryPrayer for Language, Dance, Holidays and Healed Hearts
MarchPrayer Regarding Sex Trafficking, Displacing & Civilizing
AprilPrayer for Potlatch and Planted Seeds
MayPrayer Regarding Broken Treaties & Standing in the Gap
JunePrayer Regarding Evidence, Exploitation, Identity, Reconciliation
JulyPrayer Regarding The Remnant, Gifts & Protocol, Silver Cups & Poverty
AugustPrayer Regarding Freedom in Prayer
Prayer Regarding Cruel Donations, Forced Oaths & Confronting The Religious Spirit
October – Prayer Regarding Suicide & Substance Abuse
November – Prayer Regarding Playing Drums; Enjoying Nature and Divine Energy
December – Prayer Regarding Sitting Bull, Ghost Dance, Wounded Knee and Nearing Death Awareness

Rev. Jeny Running Brook Covill
First Nations Monday

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