POSTPONED: Ministry by the Bob Family in NW Montana – New Dates TBA

Osiyo Oginali (Hello Friend)

I am blessed to know the Bob Family. We first met many years ago when I was volunteering with Warriors for Christ! Inc. In later years, Wilma and I traveled to Kansas and Missouri together.

(Photo:  2004 Convocation of Eagles)

Then we partnered in hosting the Convocation of Eagles Gatherings locally and in Idaho.

(Photo:  2005 Israel)

We also had the opportunity to travel to Israel together. It’s interesting how even when we are apart, our ministries seem to run on parallel tracks.

Bob Family

The Bobs continue to minister throughout the Northwest; at home and on the road; with the tribes and as chaplains and as ministers. I am thrilled for them to return to the Flathead Valley.

Tom Bob and grands

Wilma and her family are beautiful, wise, mature people of strong faith, love and compassion. I know you will be blessed to see them and hear the message they bring.

Dates & Places TBA

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